Whole Health for Families ~
Lauren Fox, FNP, BC, CCH

“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”

Whole Health

I practice from the premise that our bodies have an infinite wisdom to heal themselves, and that all psychological, physiological, and cellular processes are interconnected and involved with wellness and illness. Therefore, I treat not diseases but people with symptoms that are unique to them, and I believe that often a combination of self-healing methods is necessary. I also believe  the patient/practitioner relationship is a partnership, each member having equal but separate responsibilities in improving your health.

Classical Homeopathy

Homeopathic medicine is a gentle approach that stimulates the body/mind to heal itself.  It can be used for all acute and chronic symtoms of emotional , mental and physical disorders.  

The more individualized this medicine is, the more likely that the person will respond with a lasting healing response. The classical method of Homeopathy is three-fold: individualization of the remedy selection, using one medicine at a time at the minimum dose, and using the totality of the symptoms.  Guided by sound medical knowledge, the remedies can be utilized together with conventional treatments and drugs.

This systematic method of medicine treats the whole person, and the prescribing homeopath should be consulted when an illness occurs. Many people make the mistake of not consulting their homeopath first, and the consequence can be the disruption of the healing response that was initiated by their homeopathic prescription. In other words, homoepathy can treat all symptoms that arise during treatment for chronic conditions, and in fact allopathic treatment can antidote (see Downloads for other antidotes).