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DSCN0776Hello dear friends and patients,

I have just completed my 10th trip to Haiti! HWB (Homeopaths WIthout Borders) is now welcomed each time by a growing number of colleagues and supporters.

This latest trip had two components. First, the curriculums of our two courses are being prepared to present to the Ministry of Health. With their approval we will be able to start educating licensed health practitioners to use natural medicines.

Secondly, the HWB team is treating, clearly documenting, and studying the use of Homeopathy in chronic Chikungunya virus. Chikungunya Fever is epidemic in the Caribbean, India, and Africa and is transmitted by an infected mosquito. Many peole who have suffered from the acute virus can go on to a chronic state. This chronic phase causes crippling joint pain, headaches, and a variety of eye conditions. There is no allopathic treatment except analgesics.

I believe strongly that homepathy can made a huge difference in the qualtity of life for the hundreds of thousands of Haitian people afflicted with chronic Chikungunya. Due to our very mobile society, it will become evident in the northern hemisphere. I will be returning in June to follow up on the 150 cases we treated on this trip.

I will also be presenting a talk on "A Transformative Approach to Reducing the Infant-Maternal Mortality Rate in Haiti" to the HANA (Haitian American Nurses Association) in Miami in June.

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